Jonathan Pietsch

Jonathan has worked in Management in the Health and Community Services fields for the past 25 years. This has covered CEO and Program Director roles and Partnership development positions that have specifically focused on organisational development, partnership creation, program evaluation and quality improvement.Jonathan's work has covered many service types focused on children and families through to the aged.

Jonathan has completed a Masters in Public Health in 2001, a Churchill Fellowship in 2005 (Partnerships in Aged Care UK, USA and NZ) and now a Masters in Organisational Dynamics in 2011. His undergraduate study was in Policy development and Program Evaluation.

All of this experience and education has equipped Jonathan with excellent organisational cultural diagnosis and organisational development skills that are relevant for a variety of work settings.

Recently completed works

In addition to consultancy work I am currently working part time for COTA Australia with Home Care Today, the role has focused on assisting organisations to be ready for the Consumer Directed Care rollout. Projects run and completed in 2015 were:

  • Costing and pricing of services
  • The legal issues arising from Consumer Directed Care- resources for providers and practitioners
  • The changing role of case managers
  • Developing an innovative culture in your organisation
  • Workforce development to meet changing needs

Other works include:

  • Coaching individuals using organisational role analysis
  • An Ageing Well collaboration resulting in a seminar of vibrant stories of older people with Swinburne University featuring Dr George Vaillant
  • An action research project on Baby boomers retirement and volunteering
  • A consultancy on middle management conundrums in a large private sector company.