Karen Dymke

Karen is passionate about learning.

Sharing through keynotes, workshops, facilitation and coaching Karen’s areas of expertise and knowledge include:

  • Engaging learners
  • Vulnerable Learners
  • Supporting VET teachers in teaching and learning practice
  • Professionalizing the Practice of Adult Educators
  • The VCAL
  • Research into the greatest effect to progress student learning
  • Understanding Challenging behaviours
  • Dyslexia and other Specific learning Disorders
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Leadership and Building teams

Karen brings a depth of knowledge across a range of educational sectors in practice, policy and research. As both a practioners and in leadership roles Karen has worked in pre-accredited provision, post-compulsory campuses and a variety of school settings, from primary to secondary.

Her current activity includes:

  • Lecturer at Latrobe University in Education – Alternative settings, Inclusive practices and Assessment
  • Lead presenter for the VET Development Centre
  • Teaching and Learning Coach at Chisholm TAFE
  • Presenting the research of Professor John Hattie and other lead educators for Corwin Australia to schools
  • Supporting and developing VCAL programs in a variety of settings including the BerryStreet Schools
  • Webinars
  • Coaching Leadership
  • Workshops for the Australian Education Union
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Karen’s award-winning practice has enabled her to identify best practice and research in each settings and share it across sectors, bringing depth and insight into strategies to progress student learning and achievement. Karen’s skills and human touch as a facilitator and educator is highly regarded and sought after.


Karen’s work has been acknowledged through:

  • International Specialised Skills Institute : Department of Education and Skills Group, International Vocational Training Practitioner Fellowship . 2017
  • Scholarship to investigate Innovative Learning for Youth at Risk. TAFE Directorate. 2003
  • Outstanding Teacher/Trainer of the Year award: TAFE Development Centre 2002.
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Qualifications: Master of Education: Applied Learning; Executive Coaching Accreditation Growth Coaching International; Bachelor of Education; Diploma of Education; Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment; Graduate Certificate in Language and Literacy.


 Feedback from the Chisholm Staff Conference, July 2018:


Left wanting more!!!!


This was a fantastic session – well presented and it did exactly what it said in the title.


Very informative, liked the collaboration stuff – thank you.


Absolutely fantastic!!


 Feedback from the CVET Development Centre : Addressing Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disorders in the classroom, April 2017:


Very competent, knowledgeable, personable. Presented a lot of great modelling, best practice andvariation in actions.


Magnificent content, very generous and beautifully presented thank you very much!


Great PD from a truly passionate presenter.


Awesome presenter! Looking forward to the next program in September! Thank you so much! I’m lookingforward to putting these new strategies into place


Student Feedback on Subjects:


Karen was a BRILLIANT teacher, and classes were so relevant. More relevant than any other subject I've completed at Latrobe so far. I walk away from this subject with practical knowledge andresources that I believe will really help me as a teacher.


The subject tutor, Karen Dymke was easily the best aspect of this subject. She was supportive andengaging and provided us with real world resources. The assessments tasks were relevant and willbecome resources beyond university. The assessment tasks were also discussed regularly and coursematerial was continually related back to the assessment tasks.


Karen is fantastic. By far the best lecturer and best subject I have studied at Latrobe, and one of thevery few useful education subjects. We were all so, so appreciative to have actually done a subjectwhich was relevant, applicable, and helpful.


VCAL Workshop, 2018:

  • "This was a fantastic PD - loved the intimacy and ability to discuss individual circumstances"
  • "Has been so amazing"
  • "We will be able to rejuvenate the program (VCAL) and present leadership with reason to take a chance on change" 
  • "There's not many workshops available where you gain access to the kind of coaching & development Karen Dymke provides"

Rockingham Beach Primary School, 2018:

  • "We really appreciated your time and honesty about the direction we now need to head in. Once again, thank you, we really enjoyed the workshop and it has stimulated many discussions amongst our leaders."

Karen is very happy to discuss and create a individualised presentation or program that will work for you.